How Did You Come Up With "Beauty Bee Concierge?"

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

The story behind the awesome inspiration, and the creation of Beauty Bee Concierge from the words of the founder, Jessica Perry MUA

My beauty icon? My grandma Beatrice (we called her Bea for short).  She embodied the essence of beauty, always having her hair styled and a full face of glam even if it was just to go to the Gap!  I always admired her classic, sophisticated style and would watch her put on her makeup every time we visited.  She loved taking my sister and I shopping for clothes and accessories for school and I looked forward to it more than anything because, even at 10 years old,  I knew she had a great sense of style. That woman never aged and swore by her beauty routine, along with some amazing genes, I might add. Unfortunately, she never got to see me get into the beauty industry or experience one of my makeovers, as she passed when I was a teenager.  I was devastated by the loss but vowed to always keep her with me. My mom, aunt, sister and myself decided to all get similar “bee” tattoos shortly after her passing as a sign of remembrance. Over the years I have come to collect special trinkets with bees on them and even had my baby shower bee-themed! So when I finally decided to take this leap of faith in myself and open my own beauty concierge, it only seemed fitting for me to incorporate my true beauty inspiration into the name.  Thus, Beauty Bee was born...

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