Meet Jessica Perry, Founder of Beauty Bee Concierge

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The Story, The Vibe and What Makes Jessica Perry Love Beauty and Helping Women Look Their Best and Feel Confident

Have you ever gotten your makeup done, purchased all the products the makeup artist used on you because you love the way you look, and then get home and never use the products again because you have no idea how to use them?  You are not alone! I hear from my clients and friends all the time that they WISH they could wear makeup but just don't know how to apply it.  Before I learned to do makeup, I always felt so discouraged because it looked so different than when the makeup artist did it.

When I graduated college I worked a full-time corporate job and would visit the mall across the parking lot every day after work because my friend worked at the Dior counter at Macy's.  I ended up being hired for a part-time position at the Prescriptives counter there for some extra money.  My first night, a woman in her 40's stopped by to purchase foundation.  My manager sat her down to do her makeup and the woman insisted she would only wear neutral colors. I was only supposed to be observing, but when my manager had to step away for a minute I took over chatting with the client and persuaded her to try on some purple shadow to enhance her eye color.  She reluctantly agreed and when my manager came back, not only had I done the client’s entire face, but also sold her over $400 worth of product!   I no longer was “in training” and started doing makeovers on anyone I could get in my chair.   For me, makeup came naturally and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with products, colors and creating my own style.  Within a few months I was the top sales person in the cosmetics department because I realized that the key to success was teaching women HOW to apply makeup as that was the biggest reason most did not wear much of it. This was the start of my love affair with makeup and inspiring women to look and feel their very best. 

Throughout most of my career I have worked in the retail world and become a top sales executive. I attribute my success to building relationships with clients based on honesty and trust.  I am truly passionate about helping other women, and what makes Beauty Bee so unique is that I am not just a makeup artist, but rather a beauty stylist.  I not only do event and bridal makeup application, but I help teach you how to choose the right products (it all starts with taking good care of your skin first, believe it or not), application tips and tricks, how to turn a daytime look to night and how to simplify your daily beauty routine to maximize the results you desire.  No more wasting your time or money on products you don't need, no more spending hours to achieve a look and no more confusion on what products work for YOUR facial features and skin tone. Most importantly, no more saying that you wish you could do makeup because NOW YOU CAN!! 

Let me help you BEE your best and email me today at for your free consultation.

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